Earrings and Eats | Big.Fat.Cookies and Milk Earrings

My First Post!

Anyone remember the good ole days? The days before we all realized we had some sort of latent dairy and/or gluten allergies that was living inside you all your life – Just waiting to emerge in your late 20s/early 30s! Or the days before dry and sugar-free January were a thing?! I miss the days we could eat cookies and milk without any remorse.

Well it’s officially February! And after a tough year, I think we all deserve a little break from drinking milk that taste like glue and eating rice cakes. For my first post, I thought we start this blog and year off with something fun and one of my favorite combinations – Milk and cookies!

I first saw these earrings in 2018 from an etsy store called KawaiiKiosk. I recently looked at my purchase history, and it looks like KawaiiKiosk is now operating under PerkyPresents. I have no idea what I was searching or how I found this store (very common for me), but I purchased two amazing earrings that day (the other one I will share on a later date)! While these earrings are no longer available, I saw there is one similar pair for sale!

I paired these amazing earrings with these cookies I had shipped from Big Fat Cookie. I believe these first came up on an Instagram ad and heard about them from some of my friends in Chicago! As a former Chicago resident and life-long Illinoisan, I never pass up an opportunity to support the amazing local foods and hospitality scene of Chicago! I these ordered the “Party {Harder or not at all}” pack and shipped them to Atlanta. The shipment included 4 cookies and that can only be described using the words: big, fat, and cookie. If you’re in Chicago or hoping for a cookie splurge (these came out to a little more than $10 a cookie including shipping – but they are massive) , definitely check these out!

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