Earring and Eats | Candy Conversation Hearts and Kisses Earrings

I love Valentine’s day décor and earrings. Mostly because I love pastels and candy…This love also means I naturally have a lot of earrings in this category.

I have always found candy hearts to be adorable and I couldn’t decide between the OG candy hearts or the Sweetarts candy hearts, so I bought them both! I will say that one thing that made me feel like a dinosaur, is there are so many slang acronyms printed on the Brach’s hearts. I think, by the printing of some, I might of had a defective box or maybe IGY or TYL mean something and I am too old to know. While I prefer the Sweetart taste, I just love the classic chalk hearts look and I knew I couldn’t do a feature without both.

I paired them with these earrings adorable brass kissing boy and girl earrings. I saw them in a small boutique a few years ago and I thought they were so unique and adorable. I don’t remember the store, but I did see the exact pair online from Monserat de Lucca for only $18 (On sale from $45). Never shopped at this store, but this appears to be the best deal I could find!

Stay tuned for more of my Valentine’s Day Earrings as we count down the Valentine’s!

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