Earrings and Eats | BiscookyCo Valentine’s Day Cookies and Hearts Earrings

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am aware that this is a “Hallmark Holiday” to a lot of people. I actually hate going out on Valentine’s Day (even pre-covid). It is a very busy day for reservations and there’s ALWAYS that too overly aggressive PDA couple that you ALWAYS get sat next to. But I still find the Holiday to be endearing at times!

This year, especially with covid, I’d much prefer to order in (fried chicken from Popeyes) and eat these adorable cookies. Biscookyco (Biscooky & Company). Biscooky & Company is located in the Atlanta metro/Duluth area. I first saw Biscooky on Instagram doing a collaboration with Ruby Chows at the start of covid. They had this beautiful Georgia shaped cookie with the skyline of Atlanta and the caption “We’re all in this together.” I thought that was such an amazing way to show unity and provide help to those directly impacted (whether personally or professionally). I tried, but never was able to get my hand on one of those cookies (they sold out so fast)! So when I saw Biscooky was doing pre-order cookie drop at Ruby Chows, I was excited to finally get to try them! I live about a 5 minute drive from Ruby Chows and it is absolutely one of my favorite new-ish Asian fusion places in Atlanta. It’s great to go enjoy a cocktail and they have more to choose in from their dine-in menu — They also have outdoor seating bubbles if you are dining outside! I also recently ordered to-go when I picked up these cookies, and everything I had was amazing. But…Back to the cookies! There were a few options to choose from, but I loved this cactus and heart balloon combo for $11. To me it had so many interpretations:

  • Everyone deserves love
  • Opposites attract
  • Even with distance you can still be connected
  • Don’t let love float away
  • Don’t be a prick ;)? jk … but seriously don’t be a prick is a good general rule of life and I think there are so many different potential meanings!

Whether you are going out or staying in, I think this special day deserves special earrings as well! I paired them with these “Tiered Heart Polymer Clay Earrings | Valentine’s Day Earrings | Statement Earrings | Dangle Heart Earrings | Red Clay Earrings,” I got from Conversation Clay etsy shop. I do not see them available, but hopefully they will be back soon because I think these clay hearts are super versatile and a great add for multiple occasions.

Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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