Earrings and Eats | Antico Pizza and Wine Earrings

In Covid, all my days are blending together. Days feel longer and weekends seem farther away and shorter. Which is why I think it’s important to still take a break midweek and try to do something fun. Whether it’s wine or a workout or pizza (or all 3?), I would recommend still doing something to break up your week!

I went to one of my favorite pizza places in Atlanta – Antico ! If you do not live in Atlanta, you might of saw El Presidente review Antico on his “one slice everyone knows the rule” review. Every pizza i’ve had there is amazing, but my favorite is the San Gennaro (salsiccia, dolce, piccant peppers, bufalal, and cipolline). If you didn’t understand the ingredients, it is a red sauce based, sweet and savory pizza with sausage, sweet peppers, onions, mozzarella. I noticed on my visit, that Antico opened another franchise “Gio Sicilian.” I will definitely look to visit, review and pair their pizza soon!

I paired this “eats” with a lot of my favorites. These wine earrings from Amazon. These earrings were $1.79, but to be honest if you look at the pictures — Mine didn’t look the same. I received 2 different bottle designs vs. the Boudreaux matching pair in the link. However, for $1.79 I decided to keep them and whenever I wear them I always receive comments. I also brought together this pizza and wine combo with one of my favorite pizza and wine besties muscle workout tank from etsy shop CloseKnitCo. I am also featuring headband from maven threads (my favorite headbands that comes in a set of 2 for $17.95 – This is the Blossom 4″ bow headband), a nice bottle of Prisioner wine sent to me from one of my partners, and lululemon define jacket!

Hope you do something special today and help you get through this hump day!

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