Earrings and Eats | Puppy Parties and Corgi Puppy Earring

Anyone who knows me, knows I love puppies, confetti, cake (especially funfetti and sprinkles cake), and earrings…So I decided to combine all four in my latest post!

I also wanted to take any excuse to introduce Buddy! Buddy is almost 8 years old and an adopted dachshund, rat terrier, mini Schnauzer mix. He is 100% smelly and just the sweetest boy. Buddy wanted to wish his neighbor little sister (Charlotte/Charlie/Chuckie/Fluff) a happy birthday 1st birthday in a small doggy birthday yesterday in our building.

I paired an adorable homemade individual sized “hooman” heart cake with strawberry frosting and sprinkles, baked by Charlotte’s mom, and a piece of pup pie with these corgi earrings. Even though Buddy is not a corgi, I have always had a obsession with corgis. These earrings were gifted to me for a past birthday from my friend Nicole. I frequently receive corgi gifts and I have random corgi décor scattered around the apartment (in a cute, not creepy, way).

I’m a firm believer you can never have enough dogs or dog earrings represented at a dog birthday ;).

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