Earring and Eats | 80’s Vibe Outrun Brewing Co., Korean Food and Neon Confetti Earrings

For those of you not in Atlanta, one of the major things I first learned when I first moved here is there is an OTP and an ITP….And ITP does not go OTP EVER. What OTP and ITP stand for are in and outside the perimeter of I-285 which basically frames most of Atlanta and some surrounding areas from the general guidelines of suburbia. While I spend most my time ITP, there is no distance I won’t travel for breweries and Korean foods mash-ups….Also all this OTP vs. ITP stuff is honestly not as big of a deal as some people try to make it in my opinion.

I first saw Outrun Brewing Company on a post on Instagram and I have had it marked on my to-visit list for awhile. Outrun Brewing Company is located in Stone Mountain, GA (about 30 minutes from Midtown, GA). This weekend Outrun was featuring pop-up Korean food stands from Seoul Chikin ATL, Foodcation, and Bite of Korea(BOK). Being half Korean, I always miss my mother’s home cooked Korean food and seek out Korean food in Atlanta whenever possible. I ordered the tteokbokki (spicy Korean rice and fish cakes) from Seoul chicken and the sausage and peppers and croissant with chocolate and peanut butter from Foodcation. I wanted to try the chicken from Seoul Chikin, but it was on “hiatus” when I showed up. I also ordered the bulgogi quesadilla from Bite of Korea and that was my favorite. While it was still more Asian fusion, I thought it had good flavor. I definitely would continue to support either of these small businesses if I saw them out again, but I wouldn’t categorize them to be straight up Korean food.

I paired these eats with these neon confetti resin earrings I got for Topshop (Now owned by ASOS) a few years ago. I thought they matched perfectly with the neon 80’s theme of Outrun. While these earrings are no longer available, I did find a resell pair for $18 on poshmark.

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