Earring and Eats | Whiskey Bird LB Caesar Salad and Cayman Birds Earrings from Baublebar

I tend to shy away from salads for brunch. I am a Midwestern eggs, meat, and potatoes person usually. However, today I was feeling something lighter (probably because I went to the brewery and had a ton of Korean food yesterday). I went to a cute spot in the Virginia Highlands with one of my girlfriends today called Whiskey Bird. I have been to Whiskey Bird before for dinner, but this was my first time going for brunch. I ordered the LB Caesar salad with shrimp. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Hefty portion of romaine lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, pickled jalapenos, wonton chips, avocado, and spicy miso dressing. It was $13 for a salad and $4 to add shrimp, which is a bit on the high side for a salad some might think. I did think the flavors went together really well and it was refreshing, but filling. I would definitely get again! My friend got the avocado toast with salmon, which I had a bite of, and it was also incredible.

Since this restaurant has a cute hipster feel with white birds painted. I wanted to continue the bird theme with these Cayman Drop Earrings from Baublebar. I love these earrings and the craftmanship of Baublebar earrings. My friend gave me these for Christmas a few years ago and I usually reserve them for more tropical trips, but today it was sunny and they felt perfectly on theme. The Cayman drop earrings are currently out of stock, but you can request to get on the wait list. This pair usually goes for $48. Be sure to check out lots of their cute earrings!

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