Earrings and Eats | 26 Thai Midtown and Asymmetric Gold Flower Earrings

One of the pros of moving South from the Midwest is the possibility of 70 degree patio days in February! I know this weather probably won’t last, but I definitely took advantage of a nice day in Atlana.

Spent the day at 26thai Midtown’s patio with a glass of rosé, the 26 Thai platter ($28 for 4 small plates of your choice), and Thai tea creamer brûlée ($10). 26 Thai’s Midtown location is located next to my home, so it was an easy walk across the street for me. I have had the dinner before, but this was my first time going for apps and I thought everything was delicious and the small plate quantities were good for 2 – 3 people to snack on. There are a good amount of options, we just happened to get all the fried ones ha.

I paired these eats with these asymmetrical gold glass, rock, and flower earring. Not every pair of earrings I have is a literal piece of food, but the flowers and the gold in these always reminded me of the flowers I see garnished in a lot of Asian dishes. I love asymmetry and I think these earrings are beautiful. The Shein pair that are sold out. I found them available on a site called Ari and Gia for $28 – I have never shopped here so I do not know much about them, but this pair appears to be hard to find so it is being upselled now. The flower inside this dainty glass and gold earring perfectly matched my dessert which is a bonus !

Small plates:

🦐🧺shrimp in a basket

🦀crab cheese rolls

🦑 calamari

🟨 crispy tofu Sent from my iPhone

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