Earrings and Eats | Scout Oakhurst Brunch and the Ultimate Brunch Platter Earrings

I was searching for a new pair of brunch earrings to add to my collection. I wasn’t sure if I should settle on pancakes, mimosas, toast, eggs, etc…And then I saw this pair from AlltheSmallsbyCrystal’s Etsy shop and realized I didn’t have to settle. However, when I first got these pair I thought maybe they were maybe too much? I reached out to Crystal and she was absolutely great. She was very responsive and always willing to work with me. As time passed though, I kept looking at the original pair and thinking “these are great…I have to keep them” and they slowly became one of my favorite to look at. I ordered another pair for Crystal that I’ll feature later as well.

People’s first question when they see this pair on me is, “are those heavy?” And surprisingly they are not heavy – I also wear a lot of earrings so I might be immune. I wouldn’t go running in them or wear the all day, but they were comfortable throughout brunch without me worrying. I will definitely buy another pair soon and I think everyone should check out AlltheSmallsbyCrystal!

For this paired eats, I met a few girlfriends in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur for brunch. Located about 15 minutes from Midtown, GA. It was my first time in Oakhurst and my first time at Scout. Scout is a gorgeous brunch location with a wall of beautiful French windows with lots of natural light, exposed brick, and my favorite part was the plant store also located inside called Lush Plant Co where I picked up another plant for my ever growing collection that I hope to keep alive. The four of us ordered triple berry French toast, farmer’s frittata, the Phoenix (Nashville hot chicken and waffles), and the “our mimosas.” I definitely would visit again and thought everything was delicious!

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