Earrings and Eats | Birch Benders (Keto-ish) Homemade Pancakes with Sprinkles and Pancake Earrings

This year, I have decided to try to significantly reduce my refined sugar intake. As someone with a serious sweet tooth, this was definitely an adjustment. I still allow my cheat days and I haven’t completely cut out added sugars, but I try to limit it as much as possible.

When I saw this package of Birch Benders on Thrive Market, I decided to give it a shot. It is sweetened by Mung fruit instead of added white sugars. I will admit, this does not replace the good ole fluffy flour, buttermilk, whipped egg whites pancake, but it is not horrible for a substitute. I usually try to add fruits like strawberries and blueberries, but today I felt like going anti-Keto and adding sprinkles from Betty Crocker. We all know my love of sprinkles and love of breakfast foods. I think it’s all about balance when it comes to diet. I also believe food should be fun…and what’s more fun than sprinkles!

I paired this quick breakfast with a pair of my favorite pancake earrings from Perkypresents on Etsy. I definitely will be wearing these many more times to come. They just make me smile and Perky Presents is one of my favorite polymer clay food earring shops. These pair are $17.50 and available on the PerkyPresents site. If you prefer different types of pancake earrings, I would also check out her variety of pancake earrings.

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