Earrings and Eats | Sugargoats and NBA All Star Weekend (Chicago Bulls) Earrings

Growing up in Illinois has meant a lot of years of despair in terms of sports teams lately. However, I remember growing up in the age of Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Watching games with my dad in the suburbs of Chicago knowing that you were watching greatness even back then. Atlanta this weekend is the host of the NBA All-Star game. Even though I haven’t watch a Bulls game in years and I can barely name anyone on the team, I can’t change my loyalties and nostalgic feeling towards always rooting for them.

As I mentioned before, since moving to Atlanta, one of the things I miss the most is the food. I recently had a friend drive from Chicago to Atlanta and she asked if there was anything I was interested in her brining back. My first request was the B.Franklin from Temepsta Market with bacon and gardinera. While most would request a deep dish pizza or Portillos, I always request the B.Franklin. Tempesta is voted one of the best sandwiches in Chicago and B.Franklin is my favorite on the menu. The picture doesn’t do it justice, just go get one if you have a chance. The second thing I requested was to try the Foodie Queen of Chicago/West Loop Stephanie Izard’s new Sugargoat Sweets! I wish I could have been there in person to see her cute new place, but still so excited to have a little bit of Chicago this weekend as I cheer on whoever is still on the Bulls!

I ordered 4 cupcakes: tahini chocolate, all the chocolate, citirus, and pancake cake. Each bite reminds me of the magic of Chicago food paired with these cute Chicago Bulls jersey earrings. These earrings are currently available on Amazon for $10.13.

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