Earrings and Eats | Supremo Taco Tuesday and Street Taco Earrings

#TacoTuesday took a boring day like Tuesday and made it relevant. I love tacos and Mexican food, so I never need an excuse to enjoy tacos and of course I have earrings to match one of my favorite foods.

Starting my street taco/Mexican food series with my favorite taco place in Atlanta – Supremo. I have been an avid Supremo fan since they opened in Grant Park a few years ago – Even stalking their instagram to see when them open. Supremo serves Cali Style tacos in Atlanta from a walk-up stand. I have tried every taco from Supremo and my favorites are the carne asada and barbacoa. I always pair their tacos with the choriqueso (fried chorizo quesadilla), daily soup special, and horchata – Which is the best horchata in metro Atlanta. Everything at Supremo is delicious and if you haven’t been, I recommend you run to get you some tacos ASAP. They are also open every other Sunday with “SuperEmo” Sunday with specials.

I paired these eats with another amazing pair from all the small by Crystal. These street taco platers are so beautifully made.

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