Earrings and Eats | Dr.Scofflaw at the Works and my own DIY Birthday Earrings

This weekend was my birthday. As it is very weird to have a covid birthday and find things to do that are outside and safer for gathering, I decided to have people come meet at Dr.Scofflaw at the Works this Saturday. Absolutely amazing new and open concept brewery in the West Midtown new Works Development. It was my first time visiting, but I thought it was the perfect location for a no-fuss, come and go as you please place. They were also featuring various food trucks. My favorite drinks were the peach seltzer and the F**ck Cancer beer that benefits cancer research. For my eats, I grabbed fully loaded pork nachos from pop-up food truck Kimmie_Vees.

Paired these drinks and eats with my first pair of DIY/Homemade Polymer clay confetti earrings. I have not perfected these yet, but I think they are fun and perfect for an earringsandeats birthday celebration. Looking to make more to come!

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